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President Trump Got Trolled From Burger King Over His “Hamberder” Tweet

President Trump Got Trolled From Burger King Over His “Hamberder” Tweet

When it comes to politics or business there are many big celebrities which on daily basis tweets and sometimes these tweets from these big celebrities might give you a good laugh and that’s what happened yesterday. Because President Donald Trump yesterday wrongly tweeted that he has ordered: “1000 hamburgers”, this typo made by Donald trump yesterday became viral and to the response that tweet Burger King tweeted trolled President Donald Trump by tweeting that they’re out of “Hamberders” due to the bulk ordered placed yesterday by Donald Trump. President Trump in order to honor National Champion Clemson Tigers ordered more than 1000 hamburgers for the winning team and while tweeting about it he accidentally typed “hamberders”. However, this type seemed to be observed by ever twitter users and to answer that Burger king yesterday sarcastically tweeted “They’re running out of hamberders”.

President Donald Trump is already getting lots of criticism for his recent decision of government shutdown. There are many fast-food restaurants which are just angry over this decision of president Trump and it seems like Burger King had the great opportunity to troll president Trump for his “hamberders”. When to comes to politics or business nowadays the social media plays a vital role and one can easily predict what’s in the mind of people and so far it can easily be said that people like to troll Trump in for every single reason.

However, the original tweet of Donald Trump got changed and the typo was fixed but until then the damage was done. It seems like Donald Trump will have to be more careful about what he says and especially what he tweets because in the future a single typo can a joke of yourself.

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