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Health Experts Thinks Fatal Zombie Deer Disease Could Spread In Humans Also

The Deadly Zombie Deer Disease Is Spreading Across Country Rapidly

Health experts have recently said something which might shock everyone because according to them the deadly disease which turns deer into zombies might also affect humans body also. Due to the chronic wasting disease, a deer will start to lose weight significantly, and they even walk in repetitive patterns just a like zombie. Now there are several reports on this deadly disease which shows different aspects, but according to the latest health report presented by officials, it shows that humans might also get affected because of this illness. According to the CDC, they found some cases of CWD in the state of New York and officials think it might have been spread in other states also. However, so far no human has got infected with CWD virus, but health experts from the University of Minnesota said that it should be treated as a public health issue because they fear it might get spread in humans also.

Now some experts think that symptoms of this disease cannot be that much easily traced because a person with CDC will show its side effects after many years of infection. Those deers who gets diagnosed with CWD shows its symptoms after several months so if a person eats contaminated meat; then there’s a chance that they might also get this disease. Minnesota is that state which is suffering the most from CWD and southern part of the state has been on high alert since many deer have been found to diagnosed with chronic disease. The first case of CWD was discovered in 1967 in Colorado, and since then there have been only a few cases of this disease. However, now after some health experts said that this disease might affect humans also ordinary citizens will have to follow some guidelines.

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