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Fortnite Ditching Random Loot llamas from Save the World Mode

Fortnite Ditching Random Loot llamas from Save the World Mode

The Loot Llamas in the Fortnite games works like the gambling. The players buy or receive the Loot llamas and open them to find any random items the algorithm chooses for you. Well, that’s how the llamas worked in the, and now they are changing. Epic games are bringing a new update, which will change the way the Loot llamas will work in the Save the World mode of the Fortnite game. Although the Llamas are changing in Save the World, the Battle-Royale mode will still have the same old llamas.

In the new update, Epic gamers are ditching the random loot llamas and changing the way they work and provide the in-game items. Instead of the traditional method, the V-Buck lamas will become the X-Ray llamas. That means the users can now see the contents inside the loot boxes and choose the same only if they want the items inside the boxes. The loot boxes or llamas will keep changing every day, and the users can decide to purchase them if the boxes have items they like. If the llama is going to upgrade, then the players will see the same information on their screen.

This new update will only affect the V-Bucks Llamas, which are bought with the in-game currency and just in the Save the World mode. All other loot boxes and llamas like the Mini Llamas and Event llamas will not change at all. As the gambling and purchasing, in-game items or the loot boxes is illegal in Belgium; the company is playing a safe bet removing the paid llamas from Save the world mode. Recently, we heard a report that many of the criminals are using the same V-Bucks to launder the money. With this move, it is clear that Epic games are taking appropriate actions against the money laundering.

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