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Dubai Has Remained As The  World’s Busiest International Airport

Dubai Has Remained As The  World's Busiest International Airport

If you want to travel to another country, then one of the best ways through which you can do that is through air traveling, and recent reports state that Dubai International has retained its title of one of the busiest international airport for the fifth time. Dubai International is that airport which had an approximately 89.1 million traffic in the last year from all over the countries which makes it the busiest international airports for the fifth time continuously. If we go into the specifications, then we will find that Dubai airport managed to receive 89,149,387 people from all over the world which is quite amazing because no other airport has achieved that target. The airport got 1.7% more amount of traffic as compared to the last year, and it had average traffic of 7.4 million passengers.

London’s Heathrow airport got the title of second busiest international airport which received more than 80 million passengers in the last year. There are millions of people travel on a worldwide basis due to the various reason, and the report further says that India was the busiest travel destination in the whole world who received 12,279,485 amount of passengers. On the other hand, Dubai became the second busiest travel destination since it received 6,471,142 visitors. There are some countries like Russia and China whose performance has also increased as compared to last year which shows that many travelers now prefer international tourism.

The top three busy cities which received the most number of international passengers are London (3,817,889), Mumbai (2,540,750) and Kuwait (2,194,576). The introduction of the new technology and excellent services from the airlines is making international tourism more interested for people

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