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AMD Ryzen 12-Core Processors Spotted in Benchmark Database

AMD Ryzen 12-Core Processors Spotted in Benchmark Database

AMD CEO Lisa Su announced a new third-generation Ryzen CPU with 8-cores at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Ryzen 3000 Matisse, which could be the new 12-core Ryzen processor onboard and the  Benchmark database has the entries of a new process with the same name. In the CES, Lisa Su accepted the possibility of having a 12-core CPU in their vision, and now we can see the same in the benchmark database by APISAK.

As per the details in the Benchmark database, the new process is having a 12 core CPU and twice the threads. The processor ran at 3.6GHz while running the benchmark tests and has the OPN as “2D3212BGMCWH2_37/34_N”. In technical terms, the OPN means the ordering part number of the chip, which is used by part manufacturers. After decoding the Ordering part number, experts concluded that this processor is going to be the desktop processor from AMD. The 2D in the OPN means the second version of the desktop processor. The number 3212 might denote the clock speed, which is the 3.212 GHz. The letter G signifies the TDP of 105W for this processor and letters M and C indicate the AM4 Architecture and 12-core CPU configuration respectively.

The current 12-core processor from AMD is the Threadripper, which is a big processor and mainly used for high-end tasks like Servers and workstations. With the introduction of the Ryze 3000 Matisse, which is the rumored name for this processor, the AMD will make their way in competing with Intel’s Xeon Lineup. As of now, there is no statement from AMD about the upcoming 12-core processor. But according to the experts, the company might announce the Ryzen 3000 Matisse in the official events.

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