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AMD Reported A Less Amount Of Sales In Its Q4 Report

AMD Reported A Less Amount Of Sales In Its Q4 Report

When it comes to semiconductor company, there are very few ones who are still in the market even after twenty or thirty years, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is one of them. Recently AMD releases its Q4 earnings report which shows that the company managed to perform below its own expectations and even after a low amount of sales the shares of the company went up. According to the Q4 reports it managed to earn $1.42  billion when the expectation was of $1.44 billion. However, AMD performed better than any other its competitors like Nvidia and If we looked into the AMD’s Q4 earnings results than one can see that it managed to give an EPS of 8 cents per share to its investors throughout the whole year.

After the declaration of the company’s earnings reports the shares of the AMD went up by 4%, and so far the company’s shares have been considered as one of the best-performing stocks of 2018. The CEO of AMD  Lisa Su said that the AMD managed to earn a stable growth from last two years and its living upto its investors’ expectations. The head of the company thinks that AMD has a greater chance of earning more revenue in 2019 than any other companies. However, the company’s officials said that they might be able to generate a low amount of sales in the first quarter of 2019.

On the other hand, the company’s rival, Nvidia stocks went down by more than 17% when the company declared its low amount of revenues. The company is blaming China’s slowdown and trade dispute for generating such a small amount of revenues, and now the investors are worried about the AMD also.

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