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A Quick View At Ken Griffin’s Most Expensive Homes In The World

A Quick View At Ken Griffin’s Most Expensive Homes In The World

Billionaires are those entrepreneurs who have earned so much money that no other ordinary person can even imagine of making it, and that’s why they spend much money on one of the most expensive things, Ken Griffin is one of those billionaires. The Hedge Fund billionaire who has the net worth of $9.2 Billion has recently bought the most expensive house in the USA for a whopping amount of $238 million, and since then he’s in lots of lamplights. However, this is not the first time Ken Griffin has invested that much amount of money into buying an only single house because he has hugely spent his money in other expensive real estates also. However, we did some little research about Griffin’s holding of real estate and here’s the list of most costly properties which hedge fund billionaire owns.

• 220 Central Park South
The reports state that the billionaire has bought a massive unit of this building which is worthy of at least $238 million. There are many other top entrepreneurs and celebrities who are going to live in this building.

• Carlton Gardens, London
Ken Griffin a few days bought a townhouse near Buckingham Palace for which he must’ve spent at least $122 million which shows his interest in overseas real estate investments also.

• No. 9 Walton, Chicago
Griffin also owns one of the most prominent properties in the Chicago city because recently he bought top four floors of the No. 9 Walton in the town for a huge amount of $58.5 Million and this house is considered as one of the costliest properties in the Chicago city.

• Faena House, Miami
Before coming into the news, Ken Griffin bought his first record-breaking house by purchasing a condo and unit at Miami’s Faena House which worth approximately $60 million.

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